I can't access the Slack workspace, what should I do?

Section4 creates a Slack workspace for each live sprint cohort. We will invite sprinters to the Slack workspace on the Friday prior to the sprint start date (this may vary if a sprint starts on or near a US holiday week).

Sprinters will receive an invitation to join the Slack workspace via email. It will look similar to this:

Adding the Workspace Manually

If you are unable to join the workspace after clicking on the "Join Now" button, you can try the following alternate method.

1. Open the Slack desktop app or navigate to Slack.com and log into your Slack account that uses the email address we sent the invitation to. If you do not have an account using that email address, create one. Download the desktop app, if you don't already have it. 

2. Click on the "+" button on the lefthand sidebar, then, click on the "Sign in to another workspace" button. 

3. Choose the workspace you would like to add and click on the "Open" button. 

4. The added workspace should now appear on the lefthand sidebar with the other workspaces you are a part of. 

If you are still unable to add the workspace, please contact the Support Team. A member of our Support team will be in contact with you within 48 business hours. If you are able to send a screen recording of the steps you are taking, that could help us know how to resolve the issue faster. 

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